Farmers, consultants and cooperatives driving the future APOLLO services

Some sixty farmers, consultants and representatives of agricultural cooperatives from the Municipality of Ruma and its surrounding area met with APOLLO project partners to share their views on the concept and the future services, as part of the process of user consultation being undertaken within the project. 

Ugljesa Trkulja from the Association of farmers of the Municipality of Ruma and Dragutin Protic and Milan Kilibarda, both from the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the University of Belgrade, led an interactive workshop with these stakeholders on the 29th of July 2016. The aim of the event was to present the ideas of the APOLLO project to farmers, consultants and cooperatives of the Municipality of Ruma, to raise their awareness regarding the use of satellite data in agriculture and to prompt their interest in actively participating in the creation of APOLLO services.

The outlines of the APOLLO project were presented from the perspective both of a pilot parter (UPOR) and a technical partner (UBFCE). An open discussion followed, during which farmers, consultants and the representatives of cooperatives had the opportunity to express their opinion on the APOLLO concept and ask questions. Interested farmers were then given the chance to inspect some demonstration data and products on their own agricultural parcels. The demonstration material comprised recent Sentinel-2 data and some derived vegetation indices, prepared specifically for the event.

The meeting in Ruma is just one example of how farmers and agricultural consultants are being involved in the development of the APOLLO services. If you are a farmer or an agricultural consultant, let us know your views, or sign up to become a trial user of the future services.