APOLLO services go live to trial users!

Starting this month, and until the end of September 2017, APOLLO services will be tested in the field by trial users as part of the project’s pilot phase. This exciting development represents a milestone in the development of the services and will pave the way for their future evolution.

The first agricultural season will pave the way towards the 2nd agricultural season later in 2018 and the finalisation of services which is scheduled for early 2019.

APOLLO’s pilot phase is a co-creation process between growers, consultants and the APOLLO team, during which the initial versions of the services are put to the test and validated in fields in Greece, Serbia and Spain. Each pilot region has its own environmental characteristics as well as its own farming tradition, and the services will be tested on both irrigated and non-irrigated crops.
APOLLO aims to develop effective, easy to use yet affordable advisory services, and this wouldn’t be possible without meaningful engagement with farmers and consultants, trying the services in real-life conditions. In this way, not only will the services be tested and constantly improved, but trial users will be trained (free of charge) and informed on how to exploit APOLLO technology for the benefit of their farms.

This is a great opportunity for farmers and agricultural consultants to participate in the creation of new services, which are closely tailored to their needs. APOLLO aims to provide advice for both farmers and agricultural consultants, and more specialised data (such as NDVI, biomass, soil moisture information etc.) to agricultural consultants. With APOLLO, the benefits of recommendations will out weight their costs, as by design APOLLO will be available at a very competitive price.
APOLLO pilot activities during the first agricultural season will cover a range of crops in the pilot areas, as per the following table:

May-September 2017
Pilot Country Crop
Agricultural Association of Pella Greece
  • Cotton
  • Durum wheat
Municipality of Ruma Serbia
  • Barley
  • Maize
  • Sunflower
  • Sugarbeet
  • Winter wheat
  • Soybean
La Mancha Oriental Spain
  • Maize
  • Winter wheat
  • Chinese garlic
  • Purple garlic
  • Wine grapes
  • Almond trees
  • Olive trees

If you are interested you can register here to become a trial user at any time.

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