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The APOLLO platform is ready to be revealed. Get a sneak peek of the main features! February 12, 2019

Here is a sneak peek of the APOLLO service platform, which is already being tested by farmers in the APOLLO pilot areas. The platform is scheduled to be launched to the wider public in a … Read more

The secrets of soil moisture monitoring via satellite: insights from APOLLO partner Starlab Barcelona SL December 4, 2018

APOLLO’s four services are based on cutting-edge technological advances in the field of precision agriculture. The technologies used to develop our services ensure that our users get trustworthy data / advisory services. For this reason, … Read more

Strong APOLLO presence at major events August 3, 2018

The APOLLO team is working closely with pilot farmers to provide services that will help farmers do more in their everyday farming tasks in fewer steps. Farmers are at the forefront of APOLLO’s development efforts, … Read more

Ruma, Vojvodina, Serbia. Credits: Ugljesa Trkulja
How healthy are your growing crops? APOLLO can help you to find out July 23, 2018

Growing healthy plants is a top priority for every farmer and agricultural consultant, and this means keeping a constant eye on seedling health to spot problems as early as possible. Even on smaller farms, this … Read more

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Media and publications

APOLLO Publications

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APOLLO Brochure

APOLLO Brochure



APOLLO Leaflet

APOLLO Leaflet

Scientific Publications

Members of the APOLLO consortium have published the following scientific papers under the framework of the APOLLO project:

  • Anastasiou, E., Tsiropoulos, Z., Fountas, S., Osann, A., Protic, D., Simeonidou, M., & Xenidis, L., User requirements for a satellite-based advisory platform, Advances in Animal Biosciences, 368-371, 2017.
    Link here.
  • Calera A., Campos I., Osann A., D’Urso G. and Menenti M., Remote Sensing for Crop Water Management: From ET Modelling to Services for the End Users, c Sensors, 2017.
    Link here.
  • Kilibarda M., Protic D., Sekulic A. and Antonijevic O., Global daily meteorological
    data for agricultural services
    , Conference on Big Data from Space (BiDS’17), Research, Technology and Innovation, 2017
  • Protić D., Milutinović S., Antonijević O., Sekulić A., Kilibarda M., Sensitivity of vegetation indices derived from Sentinel-2 data to change in biophysical characteristics, in
    proceedings of Geostatistical and Machine Learning Applications and Environmental Sciences (GeoMLA), Belgrade, Serbia, 2016.
    Link here.


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