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This page contains the latest news from the project, and will feature promotional material published by the project, when this becomes available.

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A day in the life of an agricultural consultant, and how APOLLO can improve it May 25, 2017

Agricultural Consultants – Greece Georgios Savvidis is an agricultural consultant from Pella in Northern Greece. He is one of three consultants from the area taking part in the APOLLO project in the hopes of testing … Read more

What APOLLO offers to farmers in La Mancha Oriental, Spain? May 25, 2017

Our partners in La Mancha Oriental, Agrisat, speak about their region and explain how APOLLO will help local growers overcome some of their major challenges. 1. Tell us about Agrisat! AgriSat is a Spanish SME … Read more

Less is more: How better water resource management can improve the quality and quantity of your yield May 17, 2017

Water is one of the most important elements supporting life on our planet. Climate change, urban expansion, and the need to feed a constantly growing population are greatly affecting fresh water resources. Certain areas are … Read more

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    Since the start of the project on the 1st of March 2016, representatives of the consortium have appeared in the media, presenting APOLLO through regional TV interviews and articles in national news.

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    Publications such as the project’s brochure and fact sheets will be made available here.
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    APOLLO Brochure




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    APOLLO Leaflet


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